Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever. Gandhi

Learning is not about studying books, or sitting in a dusty classroom, it is the process by which you get from where you are now to where and who you want to be. It is central to achieving the life and career you want.

During our formal education, other people define what we need to learn. Traditional educational establishments also use old-fashioned methods which put many people off some aspects of learning.

As adults we get to choose, to follow our curiosity and learn things that we think are valuable. We also get to choose the medium of learning that works for us.

In our programs we introduce some practical tools for staying curious, being clear about your learning goals and employing different strategies to tap into the learning that is out there already.

It has never been easier to access learning through the web and on tools like YouTube.

It has also never been more important to stay up to date as the rate of change, particularly in technology is ferocious.

if you are early in your career, you may find yourself retraining significantly two or three times or more during your career – an attitude of lifelong learning will be crucial to your success.

Even if you are retired you need to keep up with trends to stay relevant and to get the best out of the technology that can improve your life.

In between as we navigate life transitions such as changing jobs or starting a family there are always new things to learn, and some old things to unlearn.

You can be sure that other people have gone through these experiences before you, academics will probably have studied it, there will be online resources and videos and people will have written books on the subject.

An enthusiasm for lifelong learning pays off in every area of your life. In our programs we can help you rekindle or focus that enthusiasm.

What do you want to learn next?