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Helping people find their purpose and connect it to their work leads to increases in engagement, productivity, wellbeing, and retention. It is a win-win for both organizations and individuals.

89% of people want more purpose in their lives, 70% say that their sense of purpose is largely defined by work, 63% say they want their employer to provide more opportunities for purpose in their day-to-day work.

Yet according to Gallup only 20% of people are positively engaged at work, 60% are emotionally detached and 20% are miserable. This is a leadership challenge and a huge waste of human potential and happiness.

Many of us spend about 40% of our waking life at work for about 40 years, if we are not engaged at work, we have little chance of having an overall fulfilled and happy life.

We believe in giving everyone the tools they need to take ownership of their own purpose and engagement at work and have developed practical workshops and webinars you can run for intact teams or individuals in your organisation to enable them to increase their own engagement.

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Bespoke corporate programs

We bring our content expertise, you bring your specific goals and knowledge of your culture. Together we equip your people with the tools to increase their own purpose and engagement at work.

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Open Workshops & Webinars

Highly engaging in-person workshops, with expert coaches and others going through the same process. And a series of interactive webinars and discussions with expert online coaches and fellow participants.

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Individual coaching scheduled at a time to suit you and focusing on your specific needs.

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A wide variety of free resources to help you build an engaging and fulfilling life.

Who is it for?

For leaders and organizations who want to help their people understand their own purpose and values and connect them to to their work. For those wanting to give their people practical and actionable tools to increase their own meaning, motivation and engagement at work – increasing performance, wellbeing and retention.

Programs can be run with intact teams or as an open enrolment program for people across the organization.

If you only have a small number of potential attendees you may prefer to send them on one of our open enrolment programs designed for individuals.

Some of the topics we typically include in our corporate programs

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Find meaning & purpose

Clarify your purpose, passions, values and strengths as a foundation for designing a more meaningful life and career.

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Design for success & happiness

Learn the principles of how to redesign your life and work to increase engagement and success, and be happier.

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Enjoy fulfilling work

Learn how to increase engagement and enjoyment in whatever kind of work you do (paid or unpaid) - or make a change.

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Making the change

Making a change can be hard. Learn to overcome key barriers with practical techniques.