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People of all ages are keen to find their unique purpose and meaning, and to actively design a more engaging and fulfilling life.

Our workshops, webinars and coaching sessions are designed to help you

  • Understand how to build your unique portfolio life and career
  • Clarify your purpose, values and strengths
  • Learn how do redesign your life in four key areas; meaningful work, lifelong learning, engaging leisure and recreation, and positive relationships
  • Build a comprehensive action plan for your ideal portfolio life plan
  • Get support from expert coaches and fellow participants to refine your plan and overcome barriers to implementing it.
Man speaking in a meeting about workshops with Your Portfolio Life


Highly engaging in-person workshops, with expert coaches and others going through the same process.

Man working at a laptop screen joining a webinar with Your Portfolio Life


A series of interactive webinars and discussions with expert online coaches and fellow participants.

Woman coaches another woman face-to-face on planning her portfolio life


Individual coaching scheduled at a time to suit you and focusing on your specific needs.

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A wide variety of free resources to help you build an engaging and fulfilling life.

More on the topics we include in our programs

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Find meaning & purpose

Clarify your purpose, passions, values and strengths as a foundation for designing a more meaningful life and career.

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Design for success & happiness

Learn the principles of how to redesign your life and work to increase engagement and success, and be happier.

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Living a good life

Understand the key areas to focus on to build a balanced and enjoyable life, and see how you are doing so far.

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Enjoy fulfilling work

Learn how to increase engagement and enjoyment in whatever kind of work you do (paid or unpaid) - or make a change.

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Successful relationships

Evaluate your network of relationships and friendships and learn how to improve them where you want to.

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Lifelong learning

Learn how to follow your energy and curiosity to stay up to date and keep learning new things.

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Leisure & interests

Build an active portfolio of leisure activities, hobbies, and interests that makes you feel relaxed, fulfilled and engaged.

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Health & Financial wellbeing

You probably already know what you should be doing, what stops you from doing it? Learn some principles to make a start (we don't offer specific financial advice).

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Making the change

Making a change can be hard. Learn to overcome key barriers with practical techniques.