Having positive relationships is an essential element of well-being and has an impact on all areas of life.

Positive and supportive relationships help us to feel healthier, happier, and more satisfied with our lives. People having satisfying connections with other people experience longer and healthier lives, better brain function, and higher levels of life satisfaction.

However, we do not always get it right, UK surveys find that between 23 and 33% of adults in the UK “always or often” feel lonely. Isolation poses a greater risk to health than obesity – equivalent to smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. It is also associated with a 50% higher risk of developing dementia.

Most adults spend roughly equal amounts of time in three social contexts

  • With strangers or co-workers in public spaces
  • With Family
  • Alone

To be happy and fulfilled we need to be comfortable in all three of these contexts.

In our programs we share some of the latest thinking on what makes good relationships and how many we need. We help you understand the health of your network of relationships, identify relationships you want to improve and work with some guidelines on how to do it.