Our mission

To help you build the meaningful, engaged and happy life and career you want

YPL was formed by Kevan Hall, CEO of global training organization Global Integration and author of several books on management and ways of working. He has spent 30 years training people from many of the world’s leading organizations.

He was shocked by low levels of engagement at work (only 20% of people say they are fully engaged at work) and that, whilst 90% of people retire with a financial plan, only 10% have any idea about how they will spend their time. He also found that many people were seeking more balance, enjoyment, and fulfillment in their lives and careers after their COVID-era experiences.

He felt this was an unnecessary waste of human potential and happiness and resolved to do something about it.

At YPL we researched the core elements of living a good life in detail – always looking for the “so what”, what practical steps can I take to make my life more fulfilling and engaging?

We found a lot of great research on specific topics, but very little that was systematic, practical or actionable. We have taken the latest research and made it more accessible through a systematic program filled with practical tools and applications exercises.

Our interactive services are delivered by highly experienced facilitators and coaches.

In our collective workshops and webinars, you will also have an opportunity to work with others who are going through a similar process of creating their ideal portfolio life and career.

Next steps

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