Everyone wants to be happy, but it might seem strange to think about engineering your own happiness.

Some of history’s greatest thinkers have tried to address this issue, but today research and neuroscience have brought some practical insights into what makes us happy and how we can be happy more often.

Some of the best insights come from the research of Martin Seligman, an American psychologist and author of the book Flourish. He found that five elements were most important

  1. The search for meaning
  2. Positive relationships
  3. Positive emotions
  4. Accomplishment
  5. Engagement

In our programs we apply these insights and others into helping people design a more fulfilling and happy life with a particular emphasis on five areas of living a good life: finding meaning and purpose, enjoying fulfilling work, successful relationships, engaging leisure and interests, and lifelong learning and personal development.

We have developed simple, practical principles and tools to help you actively design more happiness into your life in all these areas.

One very simple thing you can start doing right now is to do a kindness to someone else. This is the biggest thing you can do to feel more positive emotions yourself.

Another is to set aside some regular time to savour the good moments of your life, by revisiting them you can get the positive boost they brought all over again.

In our workshops, webinars and coaching, our expert coaches and trainers will be with you every step of the way in helping you apply these principles to your life and to come away with a practical action plan for living a more engaged and happy life.

if you would like to take more control over your own happiness, find out more here.