When we researched the elements of what makes a good life, we found that there were very different ideas from around the world – from the Japanese idea of Ikigai to various religious traditions and academic research about what makes people fulfilled and happy.

We brought them all together and looked for common elements. We selected the areas where research had shown a strong correlation with real engagement, well-being and happiness.

We found five important areas

  1. finding meaning and purpose in our lives
  2. enjoying fulfilling and engaging work – whether paid or unpaid
  3. building successful relationships
  4. having active and engaging leisure and interests
  5. lifelong learning and personal development

We developed practical insights and tools in how to develop a happier, and more fulfilling life in each of these areas.

In our workshops, webinars and coaching you will work with expert coaches and trainers to understand the latest research and apply the practical tools to your own situation In each of these five areas.

In our workshops and webinars, you will have the opportunity to work with groups of other people who are going through the same process.

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