Most of us spend 40% of our waking hours for over 40 years at work. If we are not happy at work, then we have no possibility of a truly engaged and happy life. Being able to blame our leaders for an unhappy and disengaged life is no consolation.

How we spend our hours is the quality of our life.

Many companies run engagement surveys and work hard to improve the engagement of their people but still, only 21% of people say they are highly engaged at work, 60% are emotionally detached and 19% are miserable.

A lot of organisations focus on the responsibility of leaders to create engagement, but engagement is not something we can create in others; it is something that comes from within.

Leaders can create an environment in which people can engage themselves, but they cannot do it for us. Instead of focusing just on what the 10% of leaders can do for others, we believe in enrolling everyone in engaging themselves.

A lack of engagement is not just a leadership challenge; it is a crisis in lost human potential and happiness.

Engagement is really a win/win for organisations and individuals, it leads to better productivity, well-being, and quality of life.

We believe in giving our participants the sense of ownership and the tools they need to improve their own engagement and happiness at work.

On our workshops for individuals, we focus on helping people find ways to live their values, exercise their strengths, and pursue their passions and purpose at work.

We also introduce tactics you can use to make whatever form of wok you choose more engaging and enjoyable.

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