We spend about 40% of our waking lives for around 40 years at work, so we cannot live a happy life if we are not engaged at work.

Despite this, global survey company Gallup found that only 21% of people were fully engaged, 60% were emotionally detached and 19% were miserable.

This is an important leadership challenge and clearly leaders can do a lot to help enable people to engage at work.

But our focus is on individuals. If you are not happy at work this is your problem and your responsibility. It will be no consolation after 40 years of being miserable to blame your manager.

The quality of your life is how you spend your time.

This is about having a happy life yourself, so we focus on what can you do to make yourself more engaged at work – to have a happier experience of 40% of your waking life.

We focus this part of our programme around eight principles.

  1. Take ownership for your engagement at work, nobody else can make you engaged and it’s in your interest to feel engaged
  2. Connect your work to what brings meaning to your life – your purpose, passion, and values
  3. Seek flow – how can you find the right balance of challenge and skills to make your work fulfilling
  4. Build on your strengths, how can you find more opportunities in your role to exercise the strengths you enjoy
  5. Pursue intrinsic rewards, how can we get value from doing the work not just from external rewards
  6. How can we eliminate, streamline, automate, or outsource the parts of the job you do not enjoy
  7. Being open to work life imbalance, people who love their work don’t make strong boundaries between working and not working
  8. Future proof your skills, in a time of constant change how do we keep up to date

Engagement at work is too important just to leave up to your boss.

It is about the quality of your life. If you would like to take more control and ownership of your own engagement at work, take a look at our workshops, webinars and coaching.