Whilst having a financial retirement plan is important, life is about experiences, not just finances. How you spend your time is the quality of your life.

As we start to think about a life after full time work, we have an opportunity to choose how we want to spend the next stage of our lives.

Don’t leave the rest of your life to chance. Retirement can make life even more engaging, it’s time to make some smart choices and plan a better life.

Design the rest of your life

What support do you need to design the next stage of your life to be even happier and more fulfilled?

  • The best research available to give you practical techniques and ideas you can use every day?
  • Expert coaches and trainers who will guide you through practical exercises to help you apply the ideas to your life?
  • Support from other people just like you going through the same process?

Our highly interactive face-to-face and virtual workshops, and one-to-one coaching will take you through a process with practical tools to help you design the next stage of your life.

Understand your purpose, what you believe in, what you love doing, and what you are good at. You can then use these as guidelines to redesign your life around the things that really matter to you

Share the research on the most important factors that bring happiness and fulfilment, and practical tips and techniques on how you can design more of them into your life

Develop a practical life plan focusing on four key areas of living a good life. In each of these areas we will share the latest insights and introduce practical tools and frameworks you can use to redesign or improve these aspects of life to actively increase your fulfilment and happiness

  • Meaningful “work” (whether paid or unpaid)
  • Leisure, hobbies and recreation
  • Family, friends, and relationships
  • Personal development and lifelong learning

Produce a practical action plan to implement your ideas and overcome any barriers to creating your ideal portfolio life

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Start building the next stage of your life today

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  • Highly interactive workshops, webinars and coaching
  • Practical, actionable tools and techniques
  • Expert facilitators and coaches