As we researched the elements of having a fulfilling and happy life, we found that one of the most important factors was finding meaning in what we do.

We found there are four main elements to really understanding what gives us meaning

  1. what are our values – what do we believe in
  2. what are our strengths – not only what we are good at but also what we enjoy
  3. what are our passions – what are the things we love to do, the things that give us joy and everyday enjoyment
  4. What is our purpose – what is it we are trying to achieve in life and why is that important to us

All these things are already present in our lives to some extent, we usually find that our best experiences are ones where we are living consistently with our values, exercising our strengths, pursuing our passions, and following our purpose.

The low points in our lives were probably when we were unable to do that.

Our workshops, webinars, and coaching start with taking you through a process to really clarify these four elements of values, strengths, passions, and purpose. Once we have these, they become a set of criteria for designing a more fulfilling and happy life.

We then help you actively design the key elements of living a good life around these principles, with a particular focus on enjoying fulfilling work, engaging leisure and interests, building successful relationships and lifelong learning and development.

In each of these areas we bring the latest research and practical tools that you can apply to your reality.

You will work with expert coaches and trainers and on our workshops and webinars you will be working together with other people going through a similar experience.

You will leave our program with a better understanding of what gives you meaning and a host of practical ideas on how to redesign your life to be more engaging and happier.

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