The idea of a “portfolio career” was first proposed by Charles Handy in his 1994 book The Empty Raincoat. He identified that the old idea of a linear career where you joined a company, worked there until retirement, and progressed up the hierarchy was ending.

His idea was that instead we should instead look at creating a portfolio of skills and tasks that together give us job security and allow us to express the full range of our interests and talents.

Since then, it has become common for people to move jobs and even whole careers more often. The rise of the gig economy means many people work in several temporary jobs to meet their needs for income and flexibility.

We have extended this concept to think about a portfolio life. We start by helping people understand what gives them meaning – their values, strengths, passions, and purpose.

If you find one aspect of your life, such as your work or a hobby, that allows you to live your values, exercise your strengths, pursue your passions, and fulfil your purpose then you are extremely lucky.

It is more common for us to express various parts of what gives meaning to us in different aspects of our lives. if our work does not allow us to be as creative as we would like, we can add a creative hobby to the portfolio.

We built this idea into four key areas of living a fulfilling and happy life: work, leisure, relationships, and learning.

We help our participants to develop a life and work portfolio that adds up to the life and career they want. Why not join us and build your own portfolio?

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